Refresh Your Home With The Split Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioner Unit

The split air conditioner is one of the best ways to refresh your home easily!

Silent, at affordable price and convenient, split air conditioning has it all. Fixed or mobile, it adapts to every room in the house, including the bedrooms. To learn how to maintain it, or which to choose, here’s our handy guide that should answer all your questions!

The benefits of split air conditioning

mitsubishi split air conditioner

Split Air conditioners operate through two separate units. The evaporator is located inside the housing, as well as commands, to be comfortably controlled by the user. In contrast, the condenser / compressor is located on the other side of the wall to the outside, which prevents the main blower noise.

Thus, the split air conditioning is significantly quieter than air conditioning without outdoor unit, while also being easy to maintain.

Another advantage of these air conditioners is that they offer a higher refresh capacity than the monoblock models and they do not need you to leave a window or door ajar.

In which rooms to install?

mitsubishi split air conditioner

Like all air conditioning systems, split models can be installed in any room of the house, provided that there is a window or an opening to the outside.

To refresh your interior evenly, it is better to install more: for example, one in the living room where you spend the most time and in each room to enjoy peaceful nights. As multisplit system is very quiet, you can totally make it work at night without being bothered by the noise.

The maintenance of a split air : how to purge and recharge?

To serve:
– Simply open the valves present at the outlet pipes of the outdoor unit and wait a few moments as the gas escapes.
To recharge, if the refrigerant gas is not enough:
– Refrigerated gases in air conditioners are encapsulated in small bottles that can be replaced.
However, for these two actions, please call a qualified professional who can perform maintenance on your air conditioning. Indeed, it may be dangerous to handle such gases without being trained.

The mobile split air conditioner : a good intermediate solution

lg split mobile air conditioner

For those who do not wish to perform permanent work in their homes, it remains the solution of the mobile split air conditioner. This type of aircraft landed just next to a window, as a monobloc air conditioner, but the capacitor up outside to avoid noise disturbance. The window remains ajar, but only a few inches.
It is an ideal solution for those who have a small apartment making it easy to move the air conditioning or for those for whom it is hot a few days a year.

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