How To Get Rid Of Pot Belly

Pot Belly

A few things have to be put in place when avoiding or getting rid of a pot belly. It basically goes down to the combination of exercise strategies and dietary. Living a sedentary lifestyle, drinking lots of alcohol, especially beer, and eating loads of junks every now and then lead to belly bulge. There are numbers of tips and key points you might be missing in your quest to reducing the fats around your abdomen; no matter how active you are in trying to be healthy. Let it be at the back of your mind that it’s a myth to achieve fat loss just on a particular area of your body. You lose fat globally not locally. That’s why you need a healthy lifestyle which will not only get rid of your local and global body fat, but it will also helps prevent a lot of health problems and deseases.

Here are the 3 key guidelines to follow in order to successfully get rid of pot belly and have a healthy lifestyle.

1. Consume varieties of healthy foods, always include vegetables


Each meal should include a small serving of fats, such as—olive oil, coconut, diary and nuts; Carbohydrates, such as—fruits, potato and whole grains; a small serving of proteins, such as—fish, egg or lean meats.

In addition, included in each meal should be a liberal serving of fibrous vegetables, such as—beans, spinach, snow peas, tomato, avocado, celery, asparagus, and broccoli. The fiber aids in the reduction of bloating in the belly, and also assists in digestion improvement.

2. Always keep your body hydrated

bottle of water

You just need to drink plenty of water in order to reduce protruded belly, and live healthy in the process. As applicable to almost everybody, drinking 2 to 3 liters of water a day will help the body in functioning at a maximum level without having to be dependent on stress hormones, excessively.

The release of stress hormones, such as cortisol, is in response to emotional, mental and physical stress. This brings about the storage of fat in the abdomen, thereby causing the “spare tire” effect.

Drinking plenty water and avoiding dehydration has plethora of added benefits of improving your digestion, meaning that the nutritional needs of your body are met, more effectively.

Also, you reduce your chances of snacking on fattening foods if you drink a glass or two of water when you have finished eating, you will definitely feel fuller for a long period of time afterwards.

3. Exercise Regularly

women exercising

You just have to get moving if you really want to lose fat. Really, there’s no getting around. The journey of a thousand mile start with a step—Start with walking if you have been in sedentary for quite a long time. Look into joining a gym once you have done a couple of walks in a week for approximately a month.

Resistance trainings, such as bodyweight circuits and weightlifting should be added to your exercise routine—these will simply help in avoiding or reducing your flat belly by tightening your core muscles for a flat abdomen. Checkout our fitness and gyms discounts in your city and start a healthier life today.

If you are not suited being a member of a gym, you can always practice bodyweight exercise routines, cycling, swimming, running and such no-equipment or at-home activities to get lean and healthy.

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