24 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time And Money !

Freeze Food Save Time Money

Did you know that your freezer can save you time while achieving significant money savings? The important thing is not just about knowing WHAT foods can be frozen. You should also know HOW to freeze them for better preservation. Here are 25 foods that can be frozen to save time and money:



Cheese can be kept in the freezer. You just have to remember one small thing: to thaw completely before putting in the fridge. Otherwise it will crumble. You can also grate your cheese before freezing. To avoid lumps formed, add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch in the freezer bag. One last tip for great cheese: buy a piece of good parmesan and pass it in the blender. Then, keep it in the freezer in a bag. You will be able to keep several months. In addition, it is convenient to use the exact amount needed. Just open the bag and take 2-3 tablespoons!

Pancakes and waffles


When making pancakes and waffles, do even more for small quick meals during the week. Freeze pancakes and waffles on a baking sheet. Once frozen, put them in freezer bags. To reheat thel, a touch of a microwave oven (or toaster for waffles) and voila!



To freeze pieces of pre-cut fruits, the best is to spread them on parchment paper on a baking sheet. Then put them in a freezer bag. By freezing fruits individually, it is easier to choose the amount you need. Cut apple, peaches, pears, bananas, melons – whatever you prefer, into pieces. And keep them in the freezer to make smoothies whenever you want! If you’re like me and you do not handle soft bananas, put them directly in the freezer, keeping the skin. When you need them for a recipe, simply remove the bananas from the freezer and place them in the microwave oven for a few seconds. Then, cut up bananas and press the skin so that the flesh slides alone in your bowl!



Prepare a large amount of rice and spread it on the baking paper on a baking sheet. When the rice is frozen, put it in freezer bags or even in plastic boxes. And there you have rice available whenever you need it! It is also a good tip to prepare the whole rice, which takes longer to cook. You can use it for stews, soups and fried rice.



In the fall, when it’s apple season, it’s a pleasure to prepare pies. Once cooled, wrap your pie in a stretch film. Then put it in the freezer. To reheat, remove the foil and bake the pie for 2 h at 90 °. Another tip for pies: You can also cut and freeze individual parts.



An EASY way to freeze corn is tp it put directly in the freezer, but NOT remove the leaves around the cob. When you want to eat them, put them directly in the microwave (5 min at maximum power for 2, 4 min for 1). Silky leaves surrounding the corn are used as insulation layer and protect the corn while it is baked. It REALLY tastes the same as if it had just been picked!


Roast tomatoes in oven at low heat (100 °) with garlic, herbs and a little olive oil for 4 to 5 hours. Once cooled, put them in a freezer bag. You can use them in all your preparations based on tomatoes!



When preparing pasta, make a habit of cooking the whole package. Why ? This is because you can freeze leftover pasta! They are a very good addition to your stews or even in soup. You can also freeze individual portions in freezer bags. But we must evacuate air from the bag by flattening as much as possible. To reheat, you can pour hot water on the bag for a few minutes. But an energy-efficient way is to let the bag thaw outdoors.

Flour and cereals

You know the food moths? To prevent the eggs of these unwanted “guests” to hatch, keep flour (or other grains) for 3 days in the freezer. Frozen meal is also a good way to keep it longer. You just make sure to surround 2 times with stretch film. This prevents condensation and absorption of other food odors.


Prepare (or buy) and freeze pesto in ice cube trays. Once frozen, you can remove the cubes from the tray and store them in a freezer bag. It’s not bad to have a little bit of pesto available when you need, right?

Cookie dough

Prepare a generous amount of cookie dough. Like mashed potatoes, use an ice cream scoop. Prepare beautiful balls of dough on a parchment paper on a baking sheet. Once frozen, put them in a freezer bag. The balls format allows you to prepare the EXACT amount of cookies you want. More waste, more guilt. Just add 1-2 minutes to the cooking time of your usual recipe. You can also roll your dough cylinder-shaped cookies. Cut slices of the cylinder to obtain cookies ready to bake. For the conservation, wrap the roll in aluminum foil.


Once your soup cooled, put it in a plastic box designed for freezing. Warning: there must be a small space (the equivalent of approximately 250 ml) for the expansion of the liquid when it will freeze! To defrost the soup, simply put it in the refrigerator the day before. Then reheat and serve!


Do not throw your leftover vegetables! Keep even onion skins, celery, potato peels, etc. Put them in a large freezer bag. When you have accumulated enough, use them to prepare your homemade vegetable broth! It’s simple, put your vegetables in a Dutch oven with 3 liters of water. Add a little salt, 10 peppercorns, parsley and spices (2 bay leaves, thyme, rosemary). Then, bring to boil and cover for 1 hour (or more for a more concentrated broth). Taste and season to taste for a homemade vegetable broth.


Instead of preparing your bowl every morning, save time by taking your sandwich straight from the freezer. Put it in your wallet before going to work and it will be perfectly thawed at lunchtime. In addition, the meat remains fresh. Butter and mustard freeze perfectly. However, no tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise – they must be added the very morning.

Chips, crackers, and pretzels

Buy chips, crackers, and pretzels when they’re Hot. It may seem odd, but just imagine that we can keep them in the freezer! In fact, FROZEN chips have a better taste! Eat them without thawing, they are crunchy and have a stronger taste.


Freeze your milk when you know you will not be able to finish it. After defrosting, shake the bottle well to remove the crystals can form. If you’re a fan of buttermilk, you should know that it can also be frozen! No need to throw all the bricks when you have drunk only one glass! Fruit juices like soup, the only precaution is to provide a little space in the container. This is because the volume will increase when it will freeze. Generally, allow the equivalent of 230 ml of room to 500 ml juice. With this trick, you can stock up on juice when you find it on promotion!

Bread and pastries

Keep a supply of bread in your freezer. If you prepare a cake, prepare a larger amount and freeze the excess for later. It will save you from doing it again! A little trick to defrost bread and pastry: place them in your microwave the day before (without turning it on). This prevents them from drying out by letting in air.

Tomato paste

There is a good number of recipes which are based on tomato paste. The problem is that for most of these recipes, it takes only 1 teaspoon. Result, the rest of the box is wasted! Here is the solution against this unnecessary waste: keep the rest in a small freezer bag. Just take care to flatten it so that it takes the form of a plate once frozen. That way, when you need tomato paste, simply break off a small piece of this plate. Then, add the piece in the dish you are preparing! And now, you are able to keep your tomato paste a long time, saving you more money!

Diced vegetables

diced vegetables

Dice the vegetables you use most often. For example, onions, garlic, and peppers. Then put them in a freezer bag and keep them in the freezer. A little extra tip: flatten well the freezer bag containing vegetables. When they start to freeze, press on the bag so as to create “squared”. It allows you to choose the amount you need when you get out the bags from the freezer!

To make it even easier and save more time, you can pick a vegetable slicer on amazon and avoid wasting time cutting manually.

Pastry and pizza dough

When we make a pie or pizza, we often have remaining dough. Why not keep it in the freezer for reuse? Make a ball with the dough. Then wrap it in cling film: it can be used next time!


Yes, you read correctly !
The eggs are preserved perfectly in the freezer. Here’s how: Break the eggs directly into a freezer bag and put them in the freezer. Or, even better, you can also break them in an ice cube tray for easy separation. To thaw, simply leave them in the refrigerator and use them as you used to. It’s that simple.


Buying a lemon lot sometimes sometimes saves us money. But this is useless if left to rot! Here’s a tip that will allow you to avoid this waste. Press your lemons and pour the juice into ice cube trays. Once frozen, keep the “lemon ice” in a freezer bag. That is, they are ready to use when you want! Especially lemon water which is full of blessings. Lemon peel also keeps in the freezer – so be sure to zest your lemons before squeezing!

Marinated meat

With the freezer, you can marinate your meat and preserve it. Place meat in a freezer bag. Then, pour marinade into the bag and freeze everything. Once thawed, the meat is marinated and ready for cooking!

Fish cakes

No, we are not talking about tasteless fish cakes found at the supermarket. This trick is a real homemade recipe! When the fish is in promotion, buy a good amount. Cut it across its width so as to manufacture sticks. Then, dip the strips in egg and breadcrumbs. Then, put the sticks on a baking paper on a baking sheet and freeze. Once frozen, put the sticks in a freezer bag. The result is 100 times tastier than what you can buy at the supermarket.

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If you have more “freezing” ideas share them in the comments !

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