20 Homemade Gifts For Father’s Day

Porcelain Cup

Here are few original gift ideas you can make for your dad in the Father’s day

1. An original box

original box

Conceived on a circus theme, this little matchbox is the opportunity to send a nice message to your dad for the Father’s Day.

Source : Madame Citron

2. Great Glasses

great dad glasses

Here’s a pair of cardboard glasses that will not go unnoticed when your dad puts them on the tip of his nose. You just have to print the template and move to the cut!

Source : Mr Printables

3. A tie Washi tape

tie washi tape

To customize your father’s day party card, bet on washi tape. On this model, for example, it helped create colorful and funny ties.

Source : Omiyage Blogs

4. A pencil pot not like others

pencil pot

For your dad to have the most beautiful office pencil pot, dress up a can of a small shirt and a tie that you have previously cut from the fabric.

Source : Club Chica Circle

5. Photo Holders in the form of dinosaurs

dinosaur photo holders

To achieve these funny photo holders, cut your old dinosaur figurines, paint them in flashy colors and paste inside a large magnet.

Source : Three Little Monkeys Studio

6. A surprise box

surprise box

Once this little box is printed, cut and mounted, slide some sweets inside to please your dad.

7. A customized cushion

customized cushion

With a picture of him when he was young or with a picture of you, customize a cushion that can be put on his favorite chair!

Source : Photobucket

8. A 3D Card

3d card
To achieve this nice 3D Father’s Day card, first cut out the template and follow the steps one by one explained in details on the blog of Mr Printables.

Source : Mr Printables

9. A Customized Necktie

customized necktie

To send a message in an original way to your dad…

Source : Ruban Collectif

10. An amazing stool!

amazing stool

A nice tripod stool made from wood and leather. You’ll need a lot of equipment and above all a good dose of patience. Get started today and be ready on June 19.

Source : Design Sponge

11. A travel bag for cables

travel bag for cables

A leather travel bag for cables.

Source : Brit + co

12. Photo montage for Fathers Day

photo montage

A very nice idea of photo editing with just a cut cardboard and some sun …

Source : Controlling craziness

13. Surprise envelopes for Fathers Day

surprise envelopes

Surprise envelopes conceived as an advent calendar.

Source : Oh happy day

14. Flower pot made from floppy

cache pot floppy

A pot made from old floppies.

Source : Brit + co

15. Wooden bungee

wooden bungee

Wooden bungee for dad’s cables, sunglasses and other accessories

Source : Brit + co

16. Cookie jar for Father’s Day

cookie jar fathers day

A customized cookie jar for your sweet cookie monster.

Source: City to sticks

17. A DIY Vinyl clock

diy vinyl clock

A homemade clock from vinyl.

Source : Decorating your small space

18. Tee shirt for father’s day

custom shirt

A custom shirt for your darling daddy.

Source : She knows

19. Wooden pen holder

pen holder

A box of wood turned into pen holder, customized with photos.

Source: Create craft love

20. Personalized porcelain cup

porcelain cup

Source : Spoonful

And Happy Father’s Day for all our dads!

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